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Joe Biden snaps at reporter over Putin question, apologises later

US President Joe Biden snapped at a CNN reporter at a press conference post-summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The reporter had asked Biden why he was so confident that Putin will change his behaviour, to which Biden responded, "Where the hell...what do you do all...time?...When did I say I was confident?" However, he later apologised "for having been short".

Biden is weak, somebody else is running US behind the scenes: Bin Laden's niece

While protesting against the summit between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Osama bin Laden's niece Noor said, "Biden is a weak figure." "This overseas trip made it...more clear on world stage that he is a frail man...and somebody else is running affairs behind the scenes," Noor, who is a supporter of Donald Trump, added.

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