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Russia holds major drills in Crimea amid tensions with Ukraine

The Russian military on Thursday conducted massive drills involving over 60 ships, over 10,000 troops, and about 1,200 military vehicles in Crimea. It comes amid increasing ceasefire violations in Ukraine's east and a massive Russian troops buildup on the border with Ukraine. The manoeuvres were described as the largest since Russia annexed the Black Sea peninsula from Ukraine in 2014.

Russia orders soldiers back from Ukraine border

Russia's Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu on Thursday ordered troops at the Ukraine border to return to their regular positions. He said, "I believe...goals of...snap check have been...achieved. The troops have shown their defense capability. I have decided to complete...drills in...South and Western military districts." The Russian troop buildup came amid increasing ceasefire violations in Ukraine.

Russia arrests man in Crimea for allegedly spying for Ukraine

Russia's Federal Security Service has arrested a man for allegedly handing over secrets about Russia's Black Sea Fleet to Ukrainian military intelligence, the RIA news agency reported. The arrest comes amid tensions with Ukraine after Russia built up military forces near their shared border. Last month, a woman was sentenced to 12 years in prison for spying for Ukraine.

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