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Spain returns 6,600 migrants to Morocco from its enclave in Africa

Speaking about the recent influx of migrants in its African enclave of Ceuta, Spain said that more than 6,600 migrants have been returned to Morocco. Over 8,000 people had arrived in Ceuta from Morocco between Monday and Wednesday by scaling a border fence or swimming around it. Spanish authorities identified 438 unaccompanied minors among the migrants.

Spanish volunteer abused online after pic of her hugging African migrant goes viral

Luna Reyes, a 20-year-old Spanish Red Cross volunteer, said she has been abused on social media with sexist and racist comments after a picture of her comforting a Senegalese migrant went viral. She was targeted by supporters of Spain's far-right Vox party after record 8,000 migrants entered Ceuta from Morocco. "He hugged me...That embrace was his lifeline," the volunteer said.

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