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About Us


The strong purpose of Deaf Leaders Foundation was born out of necessity after a distressful incident.  The founders suffered too much discrimination at their workplace due to their deafness and lacked equality in the workplace and other phases of life. The decision to stand for themselves and the entire deaf community has lead to empowering thousands of lives. DLF was founded in the year 2004, since then we uplift every generation towards life-long learning and establish a sustainable livelihood.

MISSION- India Deaf News 

Deaf News website program: In 2012, the Deaf Leaders foundation’s first activity was the website in INDIA DEAF NEWS, the first of its kind in India. The website aims to inform, inspire and interest networking readers from all over India and acts as a bridge between the separate worlds of the deaf and non-deaf people, transforming people who are at present indifferent, to being caring and understanding.

Accessibly  & Quality news, where you want it, when you want it.

Whatever we see in the media is a reflection of our society’s perceptions. Inclusive content will ensure that inclusion becomes a reality for people with any impairment or disability.

Often, disabled people are invited to discussions or debates on TV and radio only around topics of disability. When was the last time we heard a disabled person speak from a media platform on common topics of interest, like, sports, politics, cinema or climate change?  This again is an exercise of exclusion. The disabled person is as much a part of the country as any able bodied person. They have a right to express their opinion on matters of national interest and importance. Anchors and reporters should engage with persons with disabilities on a wide array of topics rather than limiting it to their respective disability.

Inclusive Media broadcasting for awareness in Sign Language 

a) Access to right information about world and India news to be live streamlined via website and YouTube. Our progressive YT channel - India deaf news channels have 11,200 subscribers who gain awareness about the latest events in the world

b) National webinar for deaf connecting national deaf thought leaders to present the Post-COVID regulation plan to regain the momentum in overall media, digital and deaf welfare growth.

Whatever we see in the media is a reflection of our society’s perceptions. If the above are kept in mind while creating content for a mass audience, inclusion will become more of a reality for people with any impairment or disability. Media is a powerful tool with influence on a large section of people across gender, race, age and ethnicity. Let’s use it to make persons with disability an integral part of the society and community at large.

Our Team 


Editor-in-Chief & Singer


Media operation & Voice Interpreter


Video editing & cameraman

K. Murali

98940 58898


Video editing & cameraman

A. Balachandar


Co-ordinator & Interpreter 

Sneha Murali


Content Editor 

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